Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Peter Randall Page at Millennium Gallery

Between Melting and Freezing 1.5.15 - 2.6.15 at the Millennium Gallery St Ives
Iron Out II
Ink Flow
"Peter Randall Page's work has become increasingly concerned with the underlying principles determining growth and the forms it produces. In his words "geometry is the theme on which nature plays her infinite variations, fundamental mathematical principle become a kind of pattern book from which nature constructs the most complex and sophisticated structures."
"The objective, reductive, Platonic approach enables us to understand the themes that underpin reality as experienced. But subjectivity is not nonsense. The things that the mind produces: literature, art, music etc. can tell us something about ourselves that any number of brain scans could never reveal. Myths, fables and traditional stories have all evolved in an oral tradition through a kind of cultural natural selection, where only the very fit or apt ideas survive. We use metaphor and analogy in our everyday speech. In short, by definition, all art forms pertain to the human condition. "

Warp and Woof, granite
"For me, as an artist, the idea of play is vitally important. The unselfconscious pursuit of unformulated desire through making and drawing is more interesting and ultimately more enlightening to me than the illustration of ideas. In order to play satisfactorily, however, one needs a playground or at least a few rules. To be meaningful (and fun) any game needs some structure. Ironically, expressive freedom only has meaning in the context of constraints (one only has to imagine football without a finite pitch and a rule book). "
Stone Maquette III
"In nature, theme only exists as an ideal exemplar of manifest variations and variation can only exist within the context of theme. They seem to be mutually dependent, locked in an eternal but fertile struggle."

Vein Study I


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