Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ruby Sterling at Xavier Hufkens

Ruby Sterling at  Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, Belgium 24 April 23 May 2015
Sterling Ruby uses a wide range of aesthetic strategies in his practice, from saturated, glossy, poured polyurethane sculptures, to drawings, collages, richly glazed ceramics, graffiti inspired spray paint paintings, and video. In opposition to the minimalist artistic tradition and influenced by the ubiquity of urban graffiti, the artist’s works often appear scratched, defaced, camouflaged, dirty or splattered.
 The artist has cited a diverse range of sources and influences including aberrant psychologies (particularly schizophrenia and paranoia). Sterling Ruby was born in Bitburg, Germany, in 1972. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

Scale 5167

Running concurrently in the two gallery spaces, ECLPSE (6 rue St-Georges) features the artist’s collages, while a series of recent sculptures are presented in SCALES (107 rue St Georges).

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