Thursday, 2 April 2015

Callum Innes at Frith St

Callum Innes  - Golden Square

13 March 2015 – 24 April 2015

"Frith Street Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Callum Innes. One of the most important painters of his generation, Innes is known for a practice that combines intellectual rigour with incredible sensitivity to his chosen medium.
This exhibition focuses on works from the artist’s celebrated Exposed Paintings series. This series played a central role in Innes’ seminal presentation at 2014’s exhibition Generation: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland. The Exposed Paintings are explorations of colour and pictorial space, and are created through a process of addition and subtraction. Progressive layers of oil paint are applied to a section of the canvas’ surface, creating a dense, black field. The artist then removes a section of this layer using turpentine to reveal the constituent colours beneath, and the residue of this process stains the canvas with veils of pigment. The large paintings in this exhibition are composed of approximately 7 individual layers of paint, many more than in previous similar works, and so they achieve another level of luminosity and movement."
To create new form and to escape the grid is hard to do but Callum Innes like Sean Scully shows his control in accepting this motif with the sensitive and sensuous results. 
  • Exposed Painting Blue Violet, 2014