Tuesday, 9 December 2014

New American Painting catalogue 1959

I recently went to supper with friends who were clearing out a number of items. After the meal they asked me to take a look and among the variety of prints, paintings and books was this catalogue produced by the Arts Council in 1959 for the exhibition at The Whitechapel Art Gallery in London in association with MOMA New York. I knew of the exhibition but I had never seen the catalogue before. The artists in the exhibition include Baziotes, Brooks, Francis, Gorky,Gottlieb, Guston, Hartigan, Kline, de Kooning, Motherwell, Newman, Pollock, Rothko, Stamos, Still, Tomlin and Tworkov. 

I have scanned it an uploaded it asa PDF here for you to read New American Painting Catalogue 1959


  1. Fantastic stuff. Can't wait to have time to read it all.

  2. Thanks for going to the effort to share this - much appreciated :)