Thursday, 13 November 2014

Robert Motherwell at Paul Kasmin

I recently explained to a friend how I caught myself taking a sharp, involuntary intake of breath when seeing work by Robert Motherwell that I hadn't seen before. The simple elegant gestures combined with a poetry and an attitude that still strikes me as more epic and in your face than any cartoon graffiti. The exhibition of his work is at Paul Kasmin from 30th October - 3rd January. ( BTW Christmas is coming but birthday would be fine!) The Paul Kasmin dedicated site also has the collection of Robert Motherwell's interviews.

Open Study no 5
 Automatic Image No1
 Mediterranean Figuration 2
 Black Asterix
Untitled from Joyce Sketchbook
Untitled from Joyce Sketchbook

"The series that shivers me most with shared inspiration is Open."
"And there, Motherwell opens a window."
From the text

I agree.

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