Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ed Moses at UC Irvine University Art Gallery

Ed Moses 'Cross Section' at UC Irvine University Art Gallery until December 13th

The exhibition at the Claire Trevor School UCI shows a snap shot of the paintings Ed Moses has undertaken from the 1970's. Ed Moses (born 1926 in Long Beach) has been a prominent figure in the Los Angeles art scene for almost 60 years. He first exhibited in 1949, and was part of the original group of artists from the Ferus Gallery in 1957.
These paintings show an accomplished explorer striving to find new, meaningful form. I think the paintings below illustrate a journey that many painters will identify with but being a 'fiddling rustic' I am a sucker for the the 90's paintings because I tend to prefer the touch of the artist to be more evident than process.

NY Trac IV 1975

Ed Moses Courtesy Frank Lloyd gallery
Dushay 1990

Edge #8 1994
Marklet #2 2012

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