Wednesday, 4 June 2014

British abstract painter and dude Robyn Denny, dies..

Robyn Denny, British Abstract painter
Robyn Denny, who was one of the dudes from the 1960's and 70's generation of British abstract painters along with John Hoyland and Ian Stephenson amongst others, died on 20th May 2014. He championed a minimalist and yet subtle and painterly palette. Read The Guardian Obituary here.
'Denny's artistic journey to these linear works, which dominated his 1973 Tate retrospective (at the time, he was the youngest artist so to be honoured), began in the 50s, when he was a tachiste – a European variant of abstract expressionist. Paint was variously thrown, moved about with a stick, shoved through stencils and set on fire by the self-styled "fully fledged abstract artist" '.
I have always admired his use of red..

Robyn Denny 'S3' 101.5 by 101.5cm, 1960
Robyn Denny's 'Windward, Steam & Angel Dust' (1984-1987) Photograph: Laurent Delaye

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