Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Death of a Musketeer

Dubbed as one of “the three musketeers” of Chinese artists learning Western art in France in the 1950s, 94-year-old Zhu Dequn passed away in Paris on Wednesday. Together with the other two “musketeers,” Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010) and Zhao Wuji (or Zao Wou-ki, 1921-2013), Zhu was one of the most revered Chinese artists of today and widely acclaimed for his pioneering style of integrating traditional Chinese painting into Western abstractionism. 

Zhu Dequn's $9.1 million record breaking painting
Christie's Images 2013 Ltd. via Bloomberg
Yvon Chu © Chu Teh-Chun workshop

Zhu Dequn, Also called Chu Teh-chun. Born to a doctor's family in Xiaoxian, Jiangsu Province. In 1935 he studied Western Painting at the Hangzhou National Art College. Between 1944 and 1949, he taught at the Nanjing Central University, after which he taught in the Art Department of Taiwan Normal University. In 1955 he settled in Paris, where he has held numerous solo exhibitions and enjoys a reputation as one of the most well known Chinese artists. He has also held a solo exhibition at the China Gallery of Fine Arts, Beijing, 1997. Based on the traditional Chinese concepts that fuse poetry, calligraphy and art, Zhu's style integrates Eastern and Western painting traditions. 


  1. Hello,

    Maybe one of your readers can help me.

    On November 23 of this year, there was an auction held at Christie's Hong Kong (ASIAN 20TH CENTURY & CONTEMPORARY ART). Several paintings by Chu Teh-Chun were sold there. Among them this painting:


    Because I was interested, I carefully read everything. In the "lot notes" I found a mention of the German Expressionist painter Hubert Roestenburg. Mr. Chu Teh-Chun was of course influenced by German Expressionism.

    What I am curious about is if somebody knows if Chu Teh-Chun and Hubert Roestenburg were ever in contact with each other.

    Thank you

    1. Yes, Chu had visited Roestenburg's exhibition several times and took photos of his works. They had few conversations together