Friday, 25 April 2014

Contextual criticism or clash of styles - Julian Schnabel at the Dairy

Alastair Sooke of The Telegraph doesn't like Julian Schnabel's show at the Dairy Art Centre and apparently his opinion that these are "awful" paintings is "irrefutable".  Take note artists that might be looking for Mr. Sooke's approval, glossy surfaces shouldn't be used on a painting because it might reflect the lights of the gallery and even trigger in you thoughts of a toad's back. And never frame your work with a grand frame lest you might be judged as having an ego. This last criterion might be a concern for artists exhibiting in a grand setting such as the Turbine Hall or on the plinth in Trafalgar Square. I haven't seen the exhibition or met Mr. Schnabel so Mr. Sooke may be right but sadly, at a distance, his criticism in its frame of the Telegraph seems to be as pompous and as lacking in thought as he claims Julian Schnabel to be. For what its worth I saw this painting in Vienna and I haven't forgotten it.

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