Monday, 28 October 2013

'Painting's dead!' (again..) Ryan Sullivan at Sadie Coles/Basil Beatie, Jerwood Gallery, London..

Ryan Sullivan, 'January 30, 2013 - February 11, 2013'
These are great works by the American artist Ryan Sullivan currently being shown at Sadie Coles HQ, London. These show a loosening up of our current 'Richteresque' aesthetic needs, into a new open and expansive possibilities, this show is on until 2nd November. Much has been written over the years about the 'Death of Painting' and to be honest it's poor art journalism to even go there now, it's not dead, it hasn't died and never will, it's been around since man/woman spread pigment on the cave wall and it would be arrogant to suggest we've moved on from those basic unconscious needs and wants felt then, even in the 21st Century.
Ryan Sullivan 'July 6, 2013 - July 26, 2013'

Ryan Sullivan 'June 3, 2013 - June 22, 2013'
There is a fascinating article in The Art Newspaper this week,  that touches on the resurgence of painting, in 'Paint, canvas, action!' see it here. and below is an extract from Sadie Coles Press Release:

'In his first exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ, Ryan Sullivan presents a series of new large-scale paintings. The exhibition marks the inauguration of Sadie Coles HQ’s new gallery on Kingly Street. Sullivan’s singular painting style arises from an open-ended process that is focused on the physical properties of his media. Each canvas bears witness to its making – asserting the dynamic movements and mutations of its raw materials.'
 These works are also an example of someone at the top of there game through selection of nuances and surface and a continuing questioning of the processes used. Unfortunately, I don't feel the same about the current show of Basil Beatie's at Jerwood Space, where they are busy comparing him to Rothko and Guston, he's not in the same league in my books and they've got his old mate Mel to big him up..(yawn).....

“These new paintings are exhilarating: terrifically energetic, urgent and mysterious... Beattie is in full flight.” - Mel Gooding, Guest Curator

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Basil Beattie, Ascent, 2012 © the artist

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