Wednesday, 12 June 2013

"Abstract art, the form that dominated the 20th century, once again reigns supreme..." Art Newspaper

The Art Newspaper published this piece 'Importance of Being Abstract'  by Charlotte Burns, Melanie Gerlis and Julia Michalska on the popularity of abstract art at Basel art fair.

"Can today’s artist move the once-radical form in a new, meaningful direction? “The problem is, there is a group of lower-tier abstract painters who are good and whose work looks beautiful, but what they are bringing to the table in terms of art history is nothing new. They are not adding to the conversation,” says the New York-based art adviser Lisa Schiff."

"It is “one of the great inventions of Modern art that is barely a century old”—rather, it is “a century young” Robert Storr, the dean of the Yale University School of Art"

 “The abstract is always relevant; you can have a rhetoric behind it that can be whatever you want.” Loring Randolph, a director at Casey Kaplan

“Who says that decorative art is not also serious art? Matisse and virtually all of Islamic tradition attest to the fact that it is or can be,” Robert Storr says, adding: “Is Mondrian eye-candy?”

and  "The trend is market-led, too." !


  1. I think you are right.. decorative art is a serious art, especially when you think that you see all those wonderful paintings constantly on the walls. I think it just should be fun and make you happy - that's what counts. Glad I found your nice post, keep up the nice work and happy painting !

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