Thursday, 4 October 2012

How Abstract is Abstract

From an article on EDN ( Electronic Design Network?) 'How Abstract is Abstract' by Brian Bailey.

"It is amazing how much complexity hides behind a single word, but in the EDA world, abstraction has been defined so many ways, usually by marketing departments, that nobody really knows what terms such as behavioral and functional actually mean any more."

"The problem stems, in my opinion, from the fact that everyone wants to make abstraction a linear concept. This description is a higher-level of abstraction than this one. Functional is a higher-level of abstraction than behavioral or the other way around. Having worked in the area of defining taxonomies for abstraction for many years, it is not hard to see why this confusion existed, but it is hard to see why the EDA companies don’t stop propagating the confusion now that all of the terms and aspects of abstraction have been defined. I didn’t do all of this work myself."

"They key is to be specific when talking about abstractions and state what the abstraction is being applied to and abstract in which aspects. Perhaps then some of the confusion will go away."

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