Friday, 7 September 2012

Ron Ehrlich, 'White Light' at Stephen Haller Gallery, New York

The Stephen Haller Gallery presents an exhibition of dynamic new paintings by Ron Ehrlich: White Light. Described by art critic Dominique Nahas as “startling in their boldness and directness and surprising in their infinite subtleties,” Ehrlich’s paintings reveal a rare level of skill and a complex methodology.

Even though his work is a bit old school, macho Abstract Expressionism, Ehrlich tackles his paintings with a contrasting muscularity and intellectual vigor. His provocative and intense personality is evident in the vitality of this new body of work.

Best known as a pyrotechnical colourist wielding a blowtorch among other techniques, Ehrlich sees this new series of paintings as a natural evolution. He says he has always wanted to create a metaphor for freedom, and this series is an attempt to get rid of more constraints – to “blow off the edges of the work.”

This new series is a focused exploration of the use of white in his palette and a new sense of color relationships. Ehrlich says he is exploring the light that comes off a white painting in contrast to the light of a dark painting as in the dark backgrounds of a Rembrandt painting for example.
Ron Ehrlich, Lace 2011
Oil, mixed media on panel
70 x 80 inches
# RE11-066


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