Friday, 27 July 2012

Abstraction painting from Iran: Mehran Elminia at Rosenfeld Porcini, Fitzrovia, London

Mehran Elminia 'Smoking Incense'2011, Mixed media on canvas - 200 x 180 cm
I love this work, finally we have a contemporary painter working in abstraction that has the sensitivity and energy in their brushwork that reflects artists like Joan Mitchell, with elements of Per Kirkeby. At Rosenfeld Porcini in London, we can see the new exhibition enttitled 'Revealing Harmonies' by the emerging Iranian artist Mehran Elminia. This will be the first solo UK exhibition of Elminia’s work and will include oil and mixed media works on canvas.

Elminia's work constrains the violence of Pollock, if we can really suggest it's violence, and works with a sensitivity and humility, the works are no more than 1 metre from the large canvas throughout. 'He eschews any idea of figuration; figures can appear, but the artist is oblivious until he steps back to look at the finished work. His purely emotional response to his art and the total oneness he achieves between body, brush and canvas has the capacity to create works of great emotional intensity.' I am not sure about that, but the works certainly resonates viscerally with me, which in my books means it's a successful painting..

Mehran Elminia, 'Birth', 2012, mixed media on canvas, 160 x 200 cm.
Elminia comments: 'When I am in front of the blank canvas, I make a conscious attempt to eliminate all thoughts of my past, present and future and to stand naked in the most complete sense, negating any idea of 'I', so that my brush can produce the most instinctive, natural and purest relationship between it, the paint and the canvas".

Mehran Elminia was born in Tabiz ( Iran ) in 1975. He obtained his masters in art from Rome University of Fine Arts and currently lives and works in Iran as both as an artist and a teacher. Elminia has exhibited with several galleries and art fairs in Italy including Rome International Art Fair and Milan International Art Fair along with solo exhibitions in Iran . He has further contributed to group exhibitions in Dubai and Rome and was featured in the 2010 Biennale of Contemporary Religious Art, Stauròs Museum, Italy. This will be his first solo UK exhibition.

Mehran Elminia, 'Summit' 2011, mixed media on canvas - 300 x 200 cm


  1. Bonjour David, j'aime aussi ce peintre et votre article est très beau; instinctivement j'ai pensé à Eugène Delacroix en regardant ces toiles... si je pense. :-)

  2. Bonjour Thige, je suis d'accord, ils sont semblables à la mère de tous les peintres, Delacroix en compagnie de David, Turner et Goya n'est-il pas?! ...

  3. yes, les mousquetaires!