Monday, 21 May 2012

David Hawley at 146 Art Space

You have a few more days to catch Remote Control a solo exhibition by David Hawley at 146 Art Space  in Hobart Tasmania.

We are always interested in opinions on abstraction and here is an excerpt from the catalogue text by Dr Megan Keating, 2011, Head of Painting, Tasmanian School of Art University of Tasmania 

"In his artist statement for this body of work Hawley questions authenticity and authorship in the age of technology and digital production. One could also ask the same question of abstract painting. It could be argued that all abstract painting today is an appropriation, but if this is true then abstraction becomes a self-referential exercise – an endless loop that goes nowhere. I don’t think David Hawley would agree with this." 

Dr Keating also refers to Capitalism as per original. Rajchman, J., (1995), “Another View of Abstraction”, in Abstraction, Journal of Philosophy and the Visual Arts, no.5, Academy Group, London. p.16
"Abstraction has been re-interpreted such that it ‘consists in an impure mixing and mixing up ...a reassemblage that moves towards an Outside, rather than a purification that turns up to essential Ideas, or in towards the constitute forms of a medium."

images are from the catalogue.

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