Monday, 20 February 2012

'Masters of British Abstraction'@ Flowers Gallery, London

This show, at Flowers East, which has just come to an end, of post-war British artists working in abstraction was a great initiative by the gallery in promoting significant British artists and their diverse exploration of the medium, including Richard Smith, Bernard Cohen, John Hoyland, and Jack Smith, amongst others was very interesting. However, it shows that a larger analysis or survey of abstraction is needed. A few of these artsists, like Hoyland and Jack Smith have recently died, therefore an initiative by is being set up to archive, interview, document and champion the artists working in this genre, watch out for more information on this. 
Richard Smith 'Avesdisan ' oil on canvas, 2009
Cedric Christie 'Dancer' (Untitled) Painted aluminium, 2011,

Take a lookat the new exhibition of John Loker....

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