Monday, 13 February 2012

Jorinde Voigt, drawings at Architectural Association, London

Jorinde Voigt in ‘Artitecture’ at the Architectural Association, Bedford Square, London. A group exhibition and series of talks at the Architectural Association until 11th Feb explore the relationship between art and architecture. Of particular interest to us at Abstraktion, is the work of the Berlin based artist, Jorinde Voigt, who employs line, symbols, text and colour to map events and data. The resulting works on paper are flowing, complex drawings, suggesting breakable codes.

Jorinde Voigt, '100 Views: Nächtliches Konzert (The Romance of the West Chamber; China, mid 19th Century) Countdown-Countup' Rotationsrichtung; Rotationsgeschwindigkeit/ Deklination; Umdrehungen/ Min, Woche, Quartal, Jahr, Berlin 2011, 114,5 x 185 cm, Farbiges Velin- & Ingrespapier, Beistift, Tinte auf Aquarellpapier, Unikat, Signiert (WV 2011-161)
Her work is reminiscent of the dense architectural mapping used to create an intermediary field for experimental ‘paper architecture’ at schools such as the Bartlett and the AA over the last 30 years. The rise to prominence of 3D computer modelling and rendering has somewhat substituted the use of an intricate drawing or map as an altered ground for architectural ideas in recent years. But the seductive quality of a well executed ‘event map’ remains.
Jorinde Voigt, '308 Views' works on paper, 2011
Although there has been a surprisingly limited crossover between this type of architectural representation and art, the work of Jorinde Voigt demonstrates that the ‘no mans land’ between the disciplines in fact provides fertile ground.

Guest Editor: Jason Daye

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