Monday, 20 February 2012

John Loker, 'Small is Beautiful' @ Flowers Gallery, London

'Small is Beautiful' exhibition of recent works by John Loker ast the Hackney based gallery exploring small print based paintings by this British artist with a distinct visceral quality.
John Loker 'Blank Itinery' mixed media, 2002
'I am initially drawn to the objects or elements used in the work by their power, function or beauty. There is always an underlying content that can be developed, like the icons on a computer; the small image is a surface sign for what is hidden beneath.'   John Loker

John Loker 'Texas 1/2/3, mixed media, 2011

'These thoughts and experiences are feeding the work, they excite me, generating the energy of it, but the working process is the real inventor and director of the work. Finding ways of manipulating surfaces e.g. folding and manipulating the paper surface to reveal the hidden, or finding ways to describe infinity whilst still preserving the integrity of the canvas or paper surface. There are limitless moves of a very physical and messy substance, paint. Instinct, contrivance, intellect and emotion are all contributors to the process.'   Notes on Work: John Loker 2005/10

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