Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tomory Dodge, Monica De Cardenas Gallery, St.Moritz, Switzerland, 2012

Tomory Dodge, 'Caisson' Oil on canvas, 2011
If you haven't yet had the chance to see the work of the American artist Tomory Dodge, then now is the time, especially if you are planning a trip to St.Moritz, his work is currently being shown at the Monica De Cardenas Gallery until 4th Febuary 2012.

As I plan a last look at Gerhard Richter: Panorama at Tate Modern tomorrow, before it ends, there is a similarity to both these artists works. Dodge creates great paintings and is, essentially, an Abstract Expressionist at heart, perhaps, because he is from Colorado we could refer to Jackson Pollock or Clyfford Still, for that large visceral exposure of the canvas to colour and gesture..As many of us attempt to push the boundaries of abstraction through painting, away from old Abstract Expressionist ideas, in a post-modern/post-theory attempt to add some kind of newness to our work; there is something to be said for keeping it simple, don't worry about context and theory, just do, allow the painting to just be a you get there dosen't matter, how you respond to the work is what counts and I respond to these works very positively.

'Tomory Dodge's canvases recall the sublime through an abstract and seductive use of color and movement. The compositional negotiation between beauty and destruction suggests the artist's preoccupation with catastrophe, rapture, transcendence, and rebirth. Looking at them feels like enjoying the calm before the storm.' Lauren O'Neill - Butler, Artforum 2008

Tomory Dodge, Installation view,  (c) Monica De Cardenas Gallery


  1. Beautiful work, always nice to discover a (for me) new artist. His work made me think of danish artist Jens Birkemose - an artist I greatly admire.

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