Thursday, 22 December 2011

Peter Krauskopf, new abstract paintings at Walter Storms Galerie, Munich

Exhibition installation at Walter Storms Gallery

We like the new paintings of Peter Krauskopf at Walter Storms Gallery, he develops a style of paintings that builds over time, creating a surface of over-painting, the gallery states: 'These are concretions of a time history: On homogeneous smooth surfaces which consist either of polished, complex previously discarded images or monochrome underpainting, Krauskopf takes a single image making procedure. He pushes with a knife or a brush, a broad even coverage over an unprecedented imagination. Thus, a symbiosis occurs between a picture of the past and its completion in the present.' These are exciting paintings moving abstraction on, yet acknowledging the developments of postmodern abstraction. There is a new monograph on the artist, Peter Krauskopf, 'Block', with texts by Ulrich Bischoff and Julia Franck.

Peter Krauskopf (born 1966) graduated in painting at theAcademy of Visual Arts in Leipzig in 1997 as a master class of Prof. Arno Rink. Since then his work in numerous institutional solo exhibitions were on display. Peter Krauskopf's work is represented in numerous public collections, including in the Print Room and the Galerie NeueMeister, Dresden, the Germanic National Museum, Nuremberg, Berlin Gallery and the Paul-Loebe House for members of the Bundestag, Berlin.

Peter Krauskopf, 'Haus' oil on canvas, 2011


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