Friday, 7 October 2011

Ars Electronica and Cern need you - The Answers no longer compute.

A clip from an article in The Arts Newspaper “I consider Cern one of the most culturally significant places today,” says Ariane Koek, head of Cern’s arts programme. “It’s really breaking the boundaries of what we know about the world and how we understand it. It seemed to me that it also had the potential to be one of the most inspirational places on earth for artists.”
This sentiment is echoed at the centre where Koek experienced a “rabid hunger” from the scientists for artistic intervention. How­ever, the residency programme was funded externally by private donors because the contributions by Cern’s 20 European member states, which totalled almost €1bn last year, are earmarked for science and technology alone. Ars Electronica will sponsor the €10,000 stipend. Abstraktionists apply here Ars Electronica

This competition is open to all kinds of innovative concepts and ideas in the fields of art and technology.

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