Monday, 26 September 2011

The team at CERN have apparently revealed that light travels slower than nutrinos and in doing so they appear to have completely challenged the description of nature that has been in place all my life. Einstein when he arrived at his theory of relativity declared that his work did not undermine the work of Newton's. It took 200 years for the mechanical theories to be superseded by special relativity. General relativity was published in 1916 and was based on the speed of light. Now 96 years later it has been suggested that this model doesn't stand up - is not true. So you can imagine how excited I was that science's certainty was possibly flawed. ( Regular followers will understand why this appeals despite being a fan) but here is a fascinating description by Ethan Siegel theoretical astrophysicist, of what the CERN experimenters are up to and a set of reasons why light may still be the fastest thing in the universe! No comparison to art at all.


  1. Quantum mechanics apparently influenced
    early 20th century art and, consciously
    and unconsciously, so I wonder how a
    serious evolution in quantum theory
    will manifest for the next generation.

    Some of us already make strange pictures
    and the new kids will get even more
    crazy I hope!

  2. enjoyed your thoughts - just want to let you know the link didn't work

  3. Thanks Rappel it is pretty key to the Post!