Tuesday, 13 September 2011

'Abstrkt', Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

'The Tempest', Marc Leone
'Abstrkt An Exhibit of Works of Abstraction', 30th September - 28th October 2011. 

'There are at least three components to a work of art. Often one of them, Subject, supercedes the others, bordering on distraction and flirtation with nostalgia. Abstraction diminishes or sublimates the role of 'Subject' in such a way as to allow Form a chance to take center stage. In essence, Form becomes the Subject. Ironically, this rebalancing gives way to a clearer, and perhaps more truthful, experience of a work of art as a real thing - something that is itself rather than a reference to some external 'other.'

Manifest, launches its eighth season with a project intended to feature and explore contemporary abstraction. From non-objective, geometric, expressive, etc., to figurative abstraction (works in which there is a recognizable subject matter that is distorted, is in some way not 'realistic', or is clearly secondary to the overall formal nature of the work).

    'Primitive Tumbler', Noel Paris
For this exhibit 374 artists submitted 977 works for consideration. Twenty-two works by the following 19 artists were selected by our two-part jury/curatorial process for presentation in the gallery and catalog.'