Thursday, 4 August 2011

William Crozier, influential British painter, dies

(c) William Crozier
William Crozier, a post war artist and influential lecturer died in July. His work has moved between fluid abstraction and landscape influences. A member of the post war generation in Britain, he was educated at the Glasgow School of Art. He spent time in Paris and Dublin before settling in London, where he quickly gained a reputation as the 1950s through the early success and notoriety of his exhibitions of assemblages and paintings.  His early career shows a keen interest in existentialism and a highly personalized vision of nature and how to replicate this with paint. Crozier was represented by Flowers East Gallery and exhibited widely in London, Glasgow, Dublin and Europe. From the 1980s when he set up studios in Ireland and the UK, his painting of the landscape has blossomed with an extraordinary radiance and confidence. Read his Guardian Obituary here.


  1. Bonsoir David, cette peinture bouleversante est émouvante, elle hurle comme un silence. amicalement

  2. yes, many of his works have a real poetic quality about them, especially this one from the 50's.

  3. Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing this news about Crozier and also for brief introduction. Yes, quite lyrical work, will google to see more from him.

  4. It is my understanding that William was an Irish citizen!