Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ingrid Calame, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

The American artist Ingrid Calame explores the jokey chance evocations of abstraction in her latest exhibition of works at Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh until 8 October. In these new paintings, drawings and tracings, with imagery from cracks in the pavement or car parks appear and disappear in a jamboree of marks, gestures or stains in oil paint on the wall as well as canvas and aluminium, also suggesting aerial maps. Watch her interview below.

Ingrid Calame, ‘Step on a Crack, Break Your Mother’s Back’, 2008
Oil on aluminium, 101.6 x 61 cm (not in exhibition) © Frith Street Gallery
Initially, you look at the works and see ‘old school' Abstract Expressionism, then you realise she is playing with your aesthetic sensibilities yet paying tribute to 1950’s abstraction/automatism. There is a looseness to her approach to painting that is interesting as she questions how fixated we have become with Minimalism..

Ingrid is represented in the UK by Frith Street Gallery, London and James Cohan Gallery in the US.


  1. Bonjour David, c'est magnifique, imprégnées de sens et de pensées, les oeuvres d'Ingrid Calame coulent de source humaine; si le plafond d'un lieu de culte, et quelque soit la religion, était embelli par ses peintures, je crois que je serais croyant; et son nom, Calame! calame n'est-ce pas le roseau dont on se sert pour dessiner? à bientôt si vous le voulez:-) thibault

  2. Yes, she takes the 'safety net' away, I like how she says in the video that she doesn't know if it is going to work...wish I had such confidence in the studio, must learn to let go..