Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Aeneas Wilder at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Aeneas Wilder's installation at the Longside Gallery, YSP is brilliant. The construction sets a tension in the room because all the pieces of wood are precariously balanced on each other to create the circular, slatted curtain. Having bouncy kids in the room made this anxiety greater because the slightest touch would have meant the dramatic collapse of 10,000 pieces of wood and 200 hours of work. It was like teetering with vertigo on a high ledge - will they, shall I,  could I? The metaphor and fragility was only part of why the work was so engaging. The visual effect was as if the wood and the gaps became a mirrored screen playing with the positive- negative perception. The simplicity of the wooden blocks was reminiscent of Japanese dojos because of the precision and the grid generated beautiful disruptions to the views of people in the room and of the parkland view outside. Aeneas's work is evidently considered, patient and precise. There is a performative occasion on 03.11.11 when Aeneas kicks his installation down but sadly the event is fully booked.

Born in Edinburgh in 1967 Wilder trained at both Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee and Edinburgh College of Art. He is now based in Edinburgh and Japan and works extensively around the world.

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