Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Zaha Hadid the abstraktionist

In a posting by Jon Michaud on The New Yorker blog from an original article by John Seabrook,  Zaha Hadid quotes Malevich as an inspiration and expresses why abstraction is valuable to her.

“Abstraction opened the possibility of unfettered invention,” Hadid said in her Pritzker [Prize] address. When I asked her to explain how, she said that abstraction gave her a way to study how lines intersect. When she drew, she said, “I wanted to capture a line, and the way a line changes and distorts when you try to follow it through a building, as it passes through regions of light and shadow. You know when you look through a building from a window on the outside, and the line you are following is distorted by the space? That was what I was trying to see with my paintings and my whooshings.”

Realism or abstraction?


  1. rebonjour Monk, le portrait photographique de Zaha Hadid est magnifique! magnifique et sculpturale, et une photographie sculpturale pourrait être... une abstraction de la beauté, je veux dire qu'elle extraie dans l'essence même de l'être, la quintessence de sa quête, le mystère que nous sommes nous, animaux,végétaux et humains capables de détester et d'aimer;

  2. Strong yet feminine.....fantastic and exotic.