Saturday, 9 July 2011

Support Japanese Artists

Artists wanting to submit works, should send these by post this week to:
Galerie Appel
Corneliusstr. 30
60325 Frankfurt am Main
069 752364

Works should be ready for hanging.
Please send a biography with birth place and birth date to

AUCTION European artists support Japanese colleagues
The devastating tsunami and earthquake catastrophe in Japan is a tragedy, that will take the country several decades to come to terms with. Innumerable people died, were wounded, are homeless, have lost their livelihood and it will take a long time before a sense of normality can return.
Numerous artists - painters, sculptors, ceramicists and artists working in other media, have been affected by the destruction. Studios and workshops have been ruined, which makes it impossible to continue normal work.
In some cases, the largest part of the work of a lifetime has been destroyed, these are irreplaceable losses. Yet, even in such cases, the fundamentals to continue life and work, after the catastrophe have to be established.
Japans contribution to art history of the world is of vast importance and many artists world-wide have a close artistic and humane bond towards the country. Thus, more than fifty artists got together, to indicate their support, by means of a charity auction.
Artworks of the following artists will come up for auction: Hermann Nitsch, Yoko Ono, Hiromi Akiyama, Raimer Jochims, Thomas Kaminsky, Klaus Münch, Otto Greis, Heinz Kreuz, Icke Winzer, Hans Steinbrenner, Christa von Schnitzler, Yoshimi Hashimoto, Walter Moroder, Michael Rögler, Domenico d'Oora, Bernd Mechler, Ansgar Nierhoff, Klaus Jürgen Fischer, Hideaki Yamanobe, Hans Karl Kandel, Martina Kügler, Paul Zita, Jürgen Wegener, Winfried Virnich, Heinz Breloh, Mathias Völker, Nicole van den Plas, Lionel Röhrscheid, Dietz Eilbacher, Markus Friedmann Strieder, Angelika Gilberg, Leena van der Made, Claus Delvaux, Deniz Alt, Mirek Macke, Giorgio Capogrossi, Charles Köwi, Paul Greenberg, Max Pauer, Uta Schneider, Karin Raths, Eva Weingärtner, Heide Lauterbach, Rudolf Kaltenbach, Almut Aue, Marina Herrmann, Lisa Endriss, Yuko Takasudo, Mariam Sattari, Michael Runschke, Alexander von Falkenhausen, Peter Mc Lennon, Corinna Mayer, Tobias Rehberger. Further artworks have been requested from: Ottmar Hörl, Neo Rauch, and James Reineking.
The auction is under the patronage of the German ambassador in Japan, Dr. Volker Stanzel and is assisted by the German-Japanese Association in Frankfurt am Main, the Japanese Consulate General/Frankfurt, the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, and Auktionshaus Arnold/Frankfurt.
Auction: Preview : Public auction:
Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Schaumainkai 17, 60594 Frankfurt/M. 6. – 9. September 2011, 10 a.m – 5 p.m. Saturday, 10.9., 2 p.m.


  1. Bonjour à Vous, belle initiative, je leurs souhaite de faire exploser les enchères pour aider le Japon, bonne journée