Thursday, 28 July 2011

Jonathan Jones tells it like it can be

Jonathon Jones art critic with The Guardian discusses how our perceptions of the natural world has changed and so has the way it is represented and with this observation comes a route into the work of some artists. The look may be different, abstract even, but the romantic inclination is still evident. What is not widely acknowledged is this romantic tag with all it's idealism and fantasy can also apply to those that are constructing the models of reality under the guise of science and the abstraction of maths. After years of asserting this and having had my intentions that align with this described as gimickry I am delighted to read an art critic that gets it. I now wonder how Mr Jones will get on finding art that matches this mighty ongoing challenge. For artists, like the scientists faced with the quantum description of the world, it has become harder without huge colliders, real or metaphorical to reveal god, nature......reality. Maestros Bohr and Feynman have gone and so has the Romantic Realist Mr Twombly. There are some still working at it Mr Jones but like many scientists without their Cern, they are hidden away in small rooms with the odd discovery going unnoticed and badly in need of imaginative support. To take up this challenge is a difficult art. The comfort of pop and the concrete is so comforting.

Again Mr Jones provides a good read.


  1. I thought that given the recent death of Amy Winehouse and the recent affinity expressed for Mr Jon Jones this link might be fitting.

  2. Monk,

    Thanks for this pointer. I usually track Guardian website for his articles. But perhaps i might as well have missed it. So, how's going on at your end?

  3. Glad you found it Debu. All's fine thanks.