Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bronx Calling: AIM biennial

My Big Ol Black Amex - G J Shuldiner - an example
Gabriel Shuldiner is one of the 72 artists selected by Wayne Northcross and Jose Ruiz to show in Bronx Calling, an AIM biennial exhibition at the Bronx Museum of the Arts. “AIM was launched 30 years ago to give participants in the program real-world experience on how to survive as a professional artist, the type of training you don’t get in art school,” said Bronx Museum Director Holly Block.  “The idea behind AIM is to empower artists, asking them what they want to learn about the profession, helping them network and build a sense of community, and exposing their work to new audiences.  We believe that artists play a critical role in exploring the issues and ideas of our time and supporting emerging artists is part of the core mission of the Bronx Museum.”
In conjunction with the 30th anniversary of AIM, the Bronx Museum is working with Fordham University Press to publish Taking AIM! The Business of Being an Artist Today, a detailed guide with information and tools to help emerging artists develop strategies for building and sustaining successful careers.  
The exhibition runs until September 26th

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