Thursday, 14 July 2011

Abstraction and Atonality at Museum Kampa

This exhibition features three very important individuals of the art world - Wassily Kandinsky, František Kupka and Arnold Schönberg and will be the highlight of the year. Wassily Kandinsky and Arnold Schönberg are something very unique for Prague and to exhibit these artists together has a logic. The exhibition’s concept is based on the examination of the relationship between abstraction and atonality, whose principles are related. Indeed, patterns of music and visual compositions were to a large extent interlinked at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Abstraction and Atonality

The project emphasises that it stems from the Munich concert of Schönberg’s composition in 1911, where Kandinsky was present. The exhibition shows how music inherently influenced the development of abstract painting, but of course there exists a retroaction. Also during this period, that is around 1910, the long process of mutual penetration of various artistic fields begins the erasure of boundaries between them, the convergence of principles on which they are based.
In this sense the exhibition focuses on one of these possible relationships and at the same time builds on the exhibition titled the Origins of Abstract Art, which took place several years ago in Paris.
The article in The Prague Post by Mimi Fronczak Rogers discusses the interaction and history of these artists and examines the structure of the exhibition.


  1. Bonjour à vous Monk, les dates que vous donnez, correspondent aussi avec les tremblements sociaux qui secouèrent la Russie, les pays limitrophes, et nos mentalités; l'apport de cette révolution, que l'on soit pour ou contre n'y ferait rien, elle est historiquement une réalité, elle restera primordiale dans la transfiguration et la métamorphose du regard sur l'art; vos articles sont superbes; mes amitiés sincères.

  2. Hi Thige,

    Yes a really significant period of history. Once again thank you for your comments and generous appreciation.