Saturday, 18 June 2011

Richard Aldrich's 'Museo' at Corvi Mora, London

Richard Aldrich, 'Sophisticated Lady', 2009, Oil, wax and pencil on linen,
These are simple minimal and essentially gestural paintings, yet without either 'Minimalist' or 'Expressionist' rhetoric. Aldrich has developed an approach to abstraction that moves us beyond 20th Century ideology and, let's face it, baggage! I cut this from the Corvi Mora press release: 

'here is no grand statement, no singular concept to present, but rather a constellation of subtle gestures that, over time, space, medium and format, are coexisting and effecting one and other.  The thesis, as it were, is more global and cannot be seen in a single painting, but rather the paintings become almost a kind of subject or subject matter in an embodiment, as opposed to an illustration, of systems interacting.' words by Richard Aldrich. Sorry, the show finished today.

The painting above is large at 147.3 x 213.4 cm and reminds me of the late works of Patrick Heron or most of the paintings of Clem Crosby, they are reminiscent of Motherwell, Kline and De Kooning, even Heilman, but then again they're not, they are by Richard Aldrich, born in 1986, ..oh to shake of that old baggage...

Richard Aldrich, 'Untitled', 2005, Oil and wax on panel, 50.2 x 38.1 cm


  1. These are very beautiful. Press release beginning 'here is no grand statement, no singular concept to present......' is very refreshing. Thank you Mr Aldrich for skipping the pretensions.