Thursday, 16 June 2011

Old school re-mix, Gillian Ayres at 80, Arnolfini, Bristol

                               Gillian Ayres in 1988 by Geoffrey Robinson

Put the kettle on and light up another fag, here comes Gillian...Arnolfini presents a special exhibition of two works, made fifty years apart, by the influential British painter, Gillian Ayres. One of the most significant artists of her generation, Ayres exhibited several times at Arnolfini during its early days, and her painting 'Break Off' was produced the year Arnolfini was established in 1961. This important work from the Tate collection has been selected on the special occasion of our 50th anniversary by Annabel Rees, co-founder of Arnolfini. ' Break-off' is presented alongside 'Marsland', a new work painted this year. Mel Gooding is giving a talk on her work on 29th July 2011 at Arnolfini.

Gillian Ayres, 'Break Off' Oil on canvas, 1961


  1. Very nice post, thanks! I will google to learn more about Gillian Ayres. Amazing work!


  2. Gillian Ayres has always been an inspiration to me. She uses such bold colours and strokes to make her strong works. Thanks for posting this.
    I've just become your newest follower.

  3. Thanks and welcome to Abstraktion, Carole! Ayres is a great artist and alongside Sandra Blow, often overlooked in Britain for being to decorative and gestural...

  4. Gillian Ayres work is amazing. Her art gives me permission to try things I am afraid to do. Seeing her work was a remedy to art school, if that makes sense.