Friday, 27 May 2011

Wang Guangle 'Coffin Paint' @ Beijing Commune, China

Wang Guangle 'Coffin Paint' oil on wood, 2011
I thought this piece might interest people. The first solo show of Wang Guangle at Beijing Commune, China. This will be the second exhibition of Wang Guangle at Beijing Commune and shows his strong monolithic forms of abstraction. 'The piece shown in this exhibition took a month-long for Wang Guangle himself to work it out.  Compared to his first solo show at Beijing Commune in 2009, this representation carries his practice further.

Wang Guangle began to attract wide attention with his series painting 'Terrazzo', and 'Coffin Paint', his later series of painting about time, deepens the impression of his art on his audience. The restrained, fundamental practice of a non-narrative practice of art in the 'Terrazzo' series has developed into a calm meditation on life, something destined to fade away finally. This is not a gradual progression of his art from one phase to another, but rather, something abstracted and distilled from the experience of “living through”. 

Wang Guangle 'Coffin Paint' (detail) oil on wood, 2011
In the 'Coffin Paint' series, the accidental dots protruding from the surface are hints of the slow progression of the artist’s work of “experiencing”, through which Wang Guangle appreciates the meaning of “time” over and over with continuous, mechanical repetition of a same movement on one surface. And the status and aesthetics of such a process is perceived by the viewers on the finished “Coffin Paint”. The form of time, culture and history is understood and revealed in the process of Wang Guangle’s partial covering of each layers of paint on his paintings. The work he shows this time in the solo show at Beijing Commune carries his uniformed process of form to a further extend. In the repetitive, uniformed process the artist conducts for form, the new aesthetics in his art practice seems to become more certain and absolute. 

Wang Guangle was born in 1976 in Fujian province, China. He graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, of Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2000, and now works and lives in Beijing. From the Terrazzo series to the Coffin Paint series, Wang Guangle becomes more assured in his drills of form and pushes his study even further. His works has been shown extensively in museums and gallery both in China and abroad. Besides painting, Wang Guangle’s creation also includes installation and other forms of art. He is one of the most potential young artists nowadays in China.' 


  1. the photo at the top is so marvelously mysterious I almost didn't want to know anything about it.

  2. I agree, it's like some 'breathing' object/wall from a sci-fi film from the 70's, powerful!