Thursday, 19 May 2011

Support Japanese Artists

Please support this auction if you can:  The auction aims to raise money which will go to Japanese artists to help them rebuild after the recent earthquakes. Galerie Appel in Frankfurt has many artists that work in an abstract manner, many of whom have donated artworks for the auction.
More info:
Should any artists wish to take part in the auction, the details of the auction are as follows:
5 Sept. 2011 mount the exhibition for viewing before the auction, at the Museum of angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main
6 – 10 Sept. exhibition auction pre-view
11 Sept. auction of the artworks
12 Sept. dismantling the exhibition

Artists keen to participate can post their artworks, listing the details (name, size in cm, technique, year) in July.

More information can be obtained from: and
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  1. Bonjour à Vous, voilà une belle action que je salue avec fraternité, j'espère que de grands peintres seront présents,; à bientôt