Monday, 9 May 2011

The influence of 'Constructivism' in abstraction, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, Yorkshire

'Construction and its Shadow' this is a one day seminar programme at The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, exploring the influence of Constructivism on modern and contemporary British abstraction this is taking place on Wednesday 11th May 2011. Details are as follows:

'This one day seminar is based on contemporary exchanges and arguments with artists from British Constructivism and Systems groups.

These exchanges, from positions frequently outside the constructive or systems based paradigm, seek to bring those models back in to contemporary debate. 

The work selected for the current collections display at Leeds Art Gallery, Construction and its Shadow, proposes argument as a form of communication between generations. Based on the belief that a largely overlooked area of British Abstraction has much to offer contemporary practice and theory, this seminar presents an opportunity to extend the debates of modernism. 

Elements of the day's discussion will form part of a subsequent publication intended to re-evaluate British Construction and Systems art and its ongoing impact. This event and exhibition, organised by the artist Andrew Bick, are the outcomes of his Henry Moore Institute Fellowship.

Papers include:
Sam Gathercole (Croydon College)
What passes and what remains: issues emerging from 1950s Construction

Linda Khatir (Bath School of Art)
Corsham Court - a hive of constructionist activity?

Jeffrey Steele (artist)
Construction and its Other

Gareth Jones (artist)
Grid-Plan Harlequin

Brandon Taylor (University of Southampton)
Constructivism's Tone

Cullinan Richards (Kingston University)
Shandyism and Its Effects [Extracts from a script 1969-2008]
further extracted 2010 - the title as support

This event is free of charge but places are limited.  To book a place please email'

 Below image:                     'Untitled' drawing, George Meyrick, 1984


  1. I would love to go to this, but cannot make it! Are you going?

  2. I would love to go too! We are hoping to get some responses to the seminar by those involved. We'll keep you posted!

    We would be interested in your thoughts regarding such conferences on painting, what issues/themes, what painters/contributors you would like to see, etc. send us an email

  3. Having just seen the show today I wish I had been able to go to the seminar...lots to think and talk about after seeing it.

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