Thursday, 12 May 2011

Davis Cherubini at Newman Popiashvili

Cobalt is the first New York exhibition of this collaborative duo. Davis and Cherubini use different methods of collaboration. For Cobalt, they worked together, from conception to completion, traveling between Boston and New York. Though each brought specific skills and ideas to their process, decisions were mutually made, with neither artist responsible for a specific use of a single material. 

The inception of Cobalt began in 2010 in Boston when the artists began rolling out large slabs of raw clay. The shapes – the direct and immediate result of collaborative decisions and actions - led to a new body of slabs that materially incorporated color. Working in RISD’s ceramic studio, Davis, Cherubini milled dried pigments into the body of the clay, color now the substance of form. These then become the framework of the exhibition – incorporating other materials, form and sculptural practices. Newman Popiashvili Gallery
20 Hounds, 2011
Clay, glaze, plywood,
fir 2x4, pc-11
83.5 x 18 x 8 inches

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