Thursday, 14 April 2011

What if it is all True, What Then? Mummery and Schnelle

What If It's All True, What Then?
Simon Callery, Angela de la Cruz, Louise Hopkins, Peter Joseph, Ingo Meller, Avis Newman, Rebecca Salter
Part 1: 6 April - 14 May

What If It’s All True? What Then? takes as its starting point the continued relevance of abstraction to many painters working today. Indeed, there are so many varieties of abstract painting now that the category has almost ceased to have a coherent meaning. Instead, therefore, of trying to represent the full gamut of what passes as abstraction today What If It’s All True? What Then? focuses on fourteen painters whose work is a continued re-engagement with Modernism, its tropes and heritage. Surface, support and mark as gesture and sign are concerns that recur in different ways throughout the exhibition. The exhibition suggests that these concerns can represent a critical re-engagement with Modernist tropes that analyses the entanglements of bodily experience, memory and imagination, both in the making the work and in the subject’s reception of it. It proposes, therefore, a phenomenological interpretation as a valid means of addressing abstract painting beyond Modernism.


  1. As a BIG fan of Ingo Meller. I wish I could get to see this show in person. Looks pretty damn good. Thanks for sharing it, if not I probably wouldn't have known about it.

  2. Jefferey and Debu I am glad it is of interest. Inigo Meller tends to split opinion with some seeing the simplicity and scale as a provokation.