Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Chuck Elliott and Elizabeth Purnell at Close House

Lumen / lacquered kandy
Edition of 4
Chuck Elliott’s first solo exhibition of digital abstracts at Freeny Yianni's Close House
Music for the event has been composed by Elizabeth Purnell  who has created three new site specific sound pieces to accompany the event. Noted for her theatre work, music for radio plays and electronic explorations, she is also a busy orchestrator, having worked on shows including 'Any Human Heart', and over 40 feature film and TV projects, including the BAFTA award winning 'Life in Cold Blood'.
The exhibition is accompanied by a new catalogue designed by Herman Lelie, with text by Matthew Collings, and photography by Stephen White. 


  1. Bonjour Monk, vive la Maison Close, à-bas les bordels!

  2. Oui Thibault, nous leur souhaitons bonne chance dans le pays, mais je dois avouer qu'il ya des bordels i j'affectionne!