Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hungarian philosopher Gáspár Miklos Tamás

Gáspár Miklos Tamás image courtesy of Wikipedia
"... we are losing the ability to abstract from the concrete particularity of experience, and to conceive of what is universal. That, after all, is the key to abstraction: to penetrate the appearance of things and conceptualise what is essential. The desire to make this theoretical effort, to get at what mediates our diverse realities, just doesn’t seem to be there anymore."
‘Postmodernism was a fashionable expression of this rejection of universalism and abstraction. So although much of postmodernism is uninteresting intellectually, it is important as a symptom of a society in which people are very, very reluctant to make an abstraction from their own condition.’

from an article by Tim Black in the Spiked Review of Books

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