Thursday, 16 December 2010

Matthew Collings gets with the programme

Perhaps it was affected but it seems incredible that maestro Collings has only just contemplated how maths and physics inform process and aesthics and perceptions of the world. Still it is entertaining watching him struggle with the abstractions and concepts he is presented with. The programme Beautiful Equations on UK BBC 4 will only be available for 7 days so catch it while you can.

I also enjoyed Horizon's Fermat's Last Theorem. The emotional commitment, isolation and inventiveness of Andrew Wiles in his search to crack the daunting proposition of xn + yn = zn  .  I vainly empathised with his balancing of the formal traditions with the unlikely and the evident enlightenment when the solution revealed itself.  An abstract artist surely?


  1. Bonjour à vous, que de belles questions !! peut il y avoir de la beauté artistique dans la science, peut-être pas.... mais dans la geste ou dans la quête de l'inaccessible étoile (comme le chantait Jacques Brel),je le pense; et puis le mot art ne vient-il pas du latin ars qui veut dire science,savoir? Tout cela n'est-il pas;" beau comme une machine à coudre sur une table de dissection" Isidore Ducasse.Je vous souhaite sincèrement de joyeuses fêtes: votre ami thibault

  2. I remember seeing the program on Fermat back in the mid 90's. They said the one guy had solved it, but never really showed the proof he said he had gotten to. I still don't think they have ever really solved it. They simply changed parameters to it so they could solve it.