Saturday, 20 November 2010

Geometric Abstraction in Taiwan

Variations of Geometric Abstraction in Taiwan's Contemporary Art
ESLITE GALLERY is pleased to present “Variations of Geometric Abstraction in Taiwan's Contemporary Art,” an exhibition curated by Chia Chi Jason WANG featuring works by nine artists: TSONG Pu (1947-), HU Kun-Jung (1955-), CHEN Hui-Chiao (1964-), Yi-Chen HUNG (1971-), Shiau-Peng CHEN (1976-), WU Tung-Lung (1976-), PAN Hsien-Jen (1963-), HONG Shaopei (1979-) and Mia Wen-Hsuan LIU ( watch the video on this link ) (1980-). The exhibition will run from November 13 to December 12, 2010.
It is a shame about this grouped image, as the grid gives  the impression that only square work is made/exhibited and the individual artists aren't indentifiable unless you know their work. (By the way it isn't a shaggy rug!)

As opposed to the West where it began a century ago, the development of geometric abstract art in Taiwan did not take shape until the early 1980s. Even in the past three decades, geometric abstract art only sparked a brief discussion and attention in Taiwanese art circles during the 1980s. After the period, not many artists carried on the form in their art creation.

Over the years, despite the small pool of geometric abstract artists, there has still been a steady, albeit slow, stream of newcomers devoting to the art form. Close observation shows that most of these artists were either trained in Europe or the United States, or they were taught in Taiwan by teachers who learned the art in the West.

Seeing the West as the origin of Taiwans geometric abstract art, “variation” becomes the thematic concept of this exhibition with an attempt to deduce the arts derivation in Taiwan in parallel to the West. At the same time, we hope to bring the art to the surface, showing its continual development in Taiwan and that it has not been relegated to history. As such in the exhibition artists from different generations are presented to highlight their individual endeavor in carrying on the form of art. (Text /Chia Chi Jason WANG, Curator)

Despite the acknowledgement to the Western Tradition these artists are not behind or under they are charming and sophisticated producing work that is well executed and delightful. I look forward to seeing more work by Shiau Peng Chen, Mia Wen Hsuan Liu and Chen hui Chiao.

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