Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Astrid Sylwan Carnegie Art Award winner 2010

 Astrid Sylvan White Drifting Into Sleep
Carnegie Art Award Sweden
Carnegie Art Award has been established by Carnegie Investment Bank to promote Nordic contemporary painting and to recognise and support distinguished artists born or living in the Nordic countries. The event initiated in 1998 consists of an exhibition which tours the Nordic countries, a book presenting the participating artists and their works, a film portraying the artists, and awards to three of the artists for their works of SEK 1,000,000, SEK 600,000 and SEK 400,000, as well as a scholarship of SEK 100,000 to a young artist. About 30 experts on Nordic contemporary art each nominate five artists to this distinction. Among the experts are representatives from museums and art schools as well as critics and other specialists on contemporary art in the Nordic countries. Nominated artists are invited to submit up to five works of art. The works have to be produced during the last two years, to capture the current state of Nordic contemporary painting. 
A jury consisting of eminent experts selects the works of art to be part of the exhibition. The jury members make the choices solely from the works that have been submitted. They do not pay attention to nationality or gender or to earlier production of the applying artists. The jury also appoints the award winners, based on the works of art in the exhibition.

Born 1970 in Antwerpen, Belgium. Lives in Stockholm, SE.
At an early stage in her artistic career, after a period of abstract miniature flower paintings, Astrid Sylwan discovered Per Kirkeby’s monumental dynamic and abstract paintings. These works represented an approach that matched her own ambition entirely, while the genre itself had historically been dominated by men. Hence, her paintings were initially characterised by a “girl power” attitude, replete with bright pinks and reds and provocative titles. Since then, her approach, her colour scale and the titles of her works have changed. Sylwan has found her own idiom, the colours often alluding to nature, and the poetic titles that complement the paintings referring to an experience or phase in the process of creating the works.

See Astrid Sylwan's work at Galleri Andersson/Sandström


  1. love the freedom,colour
    But whats with the tape freedom just went out the door

  2. hahaha one man's freedom is another's prison. I suppose the freedom to use whatever you want. Lack of confidence or lots of it? My guess is that for Astrid it is about contrasts but I like your flavour David.

  3. Not to push to much but when i see tape.
    I don't FEEL the child within

    I enjoy your blog and links Monk

  4. Please push. I get the 'child' analogy but in my experience it isn't consistent with my experiences of painting. Frequently children like small brushes and intricate details and they get frustrated by accidents. I have an affinity with your aversion to tape. I associate rulers and tape with design not exploration. Thanks for your appreciation.

  5. Bonjour à Vous, il y a Buren utilisant la bande a-t-il l'idée de l'emprisonnement et du passé cruel de l'europe? je le pense, mais ce qui cloche et qui
    me met sur la réserve, c'est le systèmatique, le geste qui se veut signature,l'effet pour l'effet transformant le symbole en signe,du parlant au muet,amenant le tableau a n'être qu'un objet,une atonie de hall de gare. Combien de gens confondent l'atonie et le silence, le silence si dansant si chantant. Je crois qu'Astrid ne s'arrétera pas là, je le lui souhaite; je salue la bande à Bonnot:-), et je vous salue amicalement/thibault

  6. la bande à Bonnot. Thige, the irony of this association will become evident.

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  8. love the freedom,colour Thanks, And here is the relevant article, maybe someone will find it useful too