Thursday, 28 October 2010

Neil Fujita Graphic Designer 1921 - 2010

One of Neil Fujita's most famous designs was his cover for Mario Puzo's 'The Godfather' but he was inspired by abstract painting for many of his other designs. To quote The Telegraph's obit 

"Fujita had trained as an artist and incorporated in his covers work by Abstract Expressionist painters and leading photographers, moving the label away from its established illustrative style to link Columbia's progressive jazz artists with modern visual art. His designs perfectly complemented the rhythms and liveliness of the music. "Jazz called for abstraction, a certain kind of stylisation, using modern painters," Fujita explained.

Accordingly, on the celebrated Dave Brubeck album Time Out;Mingus Ah Um ;(featuring the Mingus), Fujita employed his own brightly coloured geometric abstractions to suggest an upbeat feel, while Round About Midnight, another of the memorable jazz covers of the era, showed a pensive Miles Davis cradling his trumpet while bathed in moody red light."


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