Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Deptford Painters at The Arch

Anthony Daley, Arnold Dobbs, Paul Marks, Laurence Noga, Victoria Scott are exhibiting at The Arch Gallery from 29th October - 18th December. The PV is this Friday at 6pm. The Arch Gallery is run by the artist Paul Marks. Paul is constantly questioning the form, content and process of his work. There is always a dynamic shift from one body of work to the next. In 2009 he had an exhibition 'Connections without Conclusions' and making a connection with the recent post on Digital Abstraction he showed a diptych 'Transmitter and Receiver'. I wonder if he is the same Paul marks that writes for The New Scientist. You can see examples of his work here, but for now here are two of the other artists in the group. Anthony Daley above and Laurence Noga below.

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