Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Carmen Herrera interview with Hans Oberist

Avila 1974 Carmen Herrera

Phillips De Pury art dealers and auctioneers have in there latest catalogue an interview with Carmen Herrera. It is accessible on line here. Herrera acknowledges the influence of Russian artists and the acceptance she found as a woman artist in Paris, in Europe. Curiously she seems to contradict herself when she states that "artist's should be like children -  seen not heard, they never say intelligent things."(telling of her generation and environment), that they shouldn't philosophise and then declares how her admiration for Barnett Newman is partly informed by his voiced intelligence. "Barnett Newman was the most intelligent person I ever heard talk about art". To be fair though I  think she is just advocating painting over talking as is evident in her anecdote that describes how she came to 'depuration'.  Hans Oberist draws out her ideas about 'models' and whether there is politics in her work. He asks about Cuba, colours, architecture, and finally whether there is spirituality in her work. They are coming out of the woodwork. The publication also includes an article on Francis Alÿs and an interview with Carlos Amorales.

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