Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The last few days of Frank Bowling exhibition at ROLLO Contemporary Art, London

Catch the last few days of the Frank Bowling exhibition at ROLLO Contemporary Art. One of the most significant abstract painters still alive is showing his paintings until 3rd September. Go see great painting like this..
Marcia H Travels, 1970, Acrylic on canvas 281 x 564 cm
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Collection, London (C) Rollo Contemporary Art

An artist of international standing, graduated from the Royal College of Art in the Sixties, hugely successful in the United States, where he still has a studio. Bowling has works in many European museums, the Metropolitan Museum, New York and the Tate in London, yet still not hugely known as, say Hodgkin (see earlier post), why is this? Why have the Tate not had a retrospective of Bowling's work?..

Take a look at this really engaging interview: Frank Bowling on YouTube


  1. If anyone is in the New York area Sept 14-Oct.16 we're having an exhibition of Frank Bowling's work, dating from 1974 to present. We saw the YouTube video as well and also enjoyed the interview on his painting in the GAC:

  2. That is excellent! I have checked out your blog, I like what you are doing over there at Spanierman Gallery. Frank is under appreciated over here, he has an openess, much like John Hoyland, that goes down well in the US, but is'nt 'cool' in London, his time will come..

  3. Bonjour à Vous, tout est en une Intensité, la présence du peintre est totale,à bientôt;thibault