Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Howard Hodgkin at MOMA Oxford

A new major exhibition of paintings by Howard Hodgkin explores the acclaimed British artist’s use of abstraction as an expression of subjective experience. Spanning ten years of the artist’s career, the exhibition will include paintings not previously seen by a broader public, including a powerful body of new work developing out of his Home, Home on the Range series of 2008.

Home, Home on the Range, 2001 - 2007 © Howard Hodgkin, Gagosian Gallery.

Together, they will highlight the physical as well as emotional charge of Hodgkin’s art through his use of scale, sensitivity to light and his ability to create painterly equivalents of depth and atmosphere using colour and brushstroke.

Howard Hodgkin Time and Place is organised by Modern Art Oxford in partnership with the De Pont Foundation, Tilburg, and the San Diego Museum of Art, to where it will travel in September 2010 and February 2011 respectively. from MOMA's website

Here is The Guardian's review by Jonathan Jones which gets the point but curiously references Rauschenberg as a connection. Rauschenberg was a major innovator which I suppose is a link to Cezanne but in touch and flavour very different. In my eyes Rauschenberg was certainly not a romantic in the manner of Hodgkin but you takes your flowers and chocolates were you find them Jonathan.


  1. I have to say I love this painting his best for a long time

  2. Bonjour à Vous, je partage votre enthousiasme, cette oeuvre est intense dans ce qu'elle donne d'unique tout en convoquant les peintres du passé; elle "illustre" parfaitement vos propos sur l'histoire de l'art et de l'abstraction, dans ce dialogue incessant qui fait et donne la force et l'énergie aux oeuvres majeures,à bientôt thige

  3. Merci Thige que je suis heureux il se relie à ce que nous avons été écriture et cela il résonne avec vous. J'aime également la balance de ces peintures. Si vous visitez l'emplacement d'Oxford Moma vous pouvez voir les photographies d'installation. a bientot Pierre

  4. I don't understand why & how is it that Howard Hodgkin is so good.

    Offer Waterman & Co.