Saturday, 24 July 2010

Doug Ohlson 1936 - 2010

Doug Ohlson's obituary in the New York Times and here is his web site.


  1. I am not so sure it is alive and well. It is by now a little older than my great grandmother, and if she is well, she "is not among us" anymore, but in Heaven.

    These things by Ohlson are beautiful, but way too much indepted to Rothko whose paintings are luminous or it there were a source of light behind them. But Rothko without his philosophies, because those are of the fertilizer kind, but maybe also useful to explain things to the people who have the cash and the big wealls to display those boards.

  2. Sorry, would you mind correcting?

    "or it" should be "as if"

  3. Ola

    Heaven is good place to be but for the moment we are alive and kicking!

    I think Ohlson's work is more than just 'boards'. Certainly they are similar to Rothko, Hans Hoffman and early Hoyland's. But unlike a lot of artists inspired by Rothko, Ohlson has constructed the space with variation and combined textures and marks as an evolution from Rothko. Many imitators of Rothko fail to get the surface and depth of colour but hang on to his compositions. Perhaps Ohlson has not made major discoveries but his work i think was genuinely and sensitively felt. The major innovations are rare but so is the awareness That Doug Ohlson demonstrated. Not all are giants.

    Don't worry about the corrections your comments are welcome however they arrive. However perhaps you can clarify your point about Rothko's philosophies do you think they are good or bad. Maybe you don't like Rothko's work ? Or is it that you think Ohlson's work is lacking such philosophies?

  4. Bonjour à Vous, si il y avait imitation de quel Rothko faudrait il parler? celui d'avant ou celui d'après 68? celui qui intériorise ou celui qui transcende? méfions-nous des formes et des intentions ,elles sont trompeuses; Doug Ohlson,lui,extériorise, il vous happe et puis vous entraine dans son espace; pardonnez mon disours,c'est ainsi que je comprends Doug ohlson dont j'admire la subtile alchimie des tons,Amitiés Thibault

  5. I do not believe doug ohlson was at all about Rothko, per se. I was not aware of this artist until just know, and in reviewing his paintings here and his website, I am impressed by his celebration and indulgence in color and space and the American painting scene for 4-5 decades. He has not, in my opinion, copied or followed in the steps of Rothko or any other artist per se, but has been a keen observer and reacted to a certain corridor of American painters and in using aspects of their language, motifs, attitudes, and ideas, he has conversed with them and about them and reacted to them in a way that is his own. Perhaps no great theory or philosophy or ideas, but certainly a committed lover and participant of American color field painting.

  6. Glad you like his work Jim.

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