Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Louise Bourgeois dies aged 98

Louise Bourgeois, an artist who worked with all her heart, soul and mind has died aged 98. I have just heard Tracey Emin on the radio talking with love and admiration for her, they had become great friends. Tracey made a funny comparison with the life of female artist, as exemplified by Louise Bourgeois, as being orgasmic with the ability to come and come and come again but with men it tended to be a last big ejaculation in middle age. Portrait by Annie Leibovitz


 Louise Bourgeois would have liked this comparison as it was a sexually confident challenge made by a woman inspired by and for her.

Ms Bourgeois's advice to artists was not to be tempted by fame, money or celebrity or to be distracted by envy of other artists but to tell your own story and be true to that. I hope this reasserts your convictions. She was a brilliant inspiring woman.
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